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How do You Empty a Keurig Coffee Maker

April 14, 2021| Keurig

How do you empty a Keurig coffee maker:

Stage 1:

Brewer should be controlled off however connected. How do you empty a Keurig coffee maker

Stage 2:

Place a mug on the Drip Tray to get the water to be depleted.

Stage 3:

Check if there is water left in the Cold Water Reservoir. Provided that this is true, lift the brewer handle to deplete the water in the Cold Water Reservoir into the Hot Water Tank.

Tune in up, espresso darlings: To guarantee your Keurig keeps up pinnacle execution, it’s crucial for clean the brewer routinely and descale it each three to a half year.

Regardless of whether you just discovered this out or need a boost, we’ve spread out all you require to think about keeping your Keurig in heavenly condition.


Keurig 3-month support unit (incorporates descaling arrangement, wash cases, cleaning tablets, and channels)

Enormous earthenware mug

Non-grating material

Dish cleanser


how do you empty a keurig coffee maker

Customary Cleaning:

How do you empty a keurig coffee maker.

Clean the outside of your brewer by tenderly cleaning it down utilizing a soggy, sudsy fabric.

Slide out the trickle plate:

Slide out the trickle plate to eliminate it, being mindful so as not to spill any abundance fluid that might be inside. At that point, clean the trickle plate and plate with a fabric.

Eliminate the water supply and cover:

Eliminate the water supply and cover, clean both by hand, and flush. Ensure you eliminate the water channel first, and don’t dry within the repository with a fabric—this will keep any build up from stalling out inside. You’ll need to do this once every week.

Put a huge mug on the dribble plate:

Since you’ve cleaned the outside and the repository, it’s a smart thought to run a purifying brew. To do this, top off your now-spotless repository and put a huge mug on the dribble plate. Run a blend of simply water—no K-Cups!— on the biggest size setting.

Note: You can likewise do this by utilizing one of Keurig’s Rinse Pods instead of a K-Cup.


For a more profound clean, you ought to descale your Keurig brewer each three to a half year, contingent upon how regularly you use it. This cycle eliminates any calcium stores within your machine to keep it fit as a fiddle.

To begin the descaling cycle, void your brewer’s water supply. At that point, pour a full container of Keurig’s Descaling Solution into the supply. Fill the currently vacant container with water, and pour that in as well. Ensure the brewer doesn’t have an extra K-Cup case inside, place a huge mug on the dribble plate, and actuate Descale mode.

How you enact Descale mode will contrast contingent upon your model, yet for the K-Supreme model seen here, you do this by driving off the brewer and holding down the 8oz and 12oz fastens together for three seconds. When the light beginnings blazing, press the blend catch to begin descaling. Keep on squeezing the brew catch and rehash the descaling cycle until the “add water” marker illuminates.

Wash the repository altogether, fill it with new water, and run a purging mix. Rehash until the Descale notice kills.

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