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How to Clean the Tassimo Coffee Maker: A Guide

February 6, 2021| Guides
  • Clean your machine with a soft cloth every week
  • Follow the cleaning cycle at least once every month
  • Descale your TASSIMO when required

How to clean the Tassimo coffee maker

Cleaning your TASSIMO espresso machine routinely will ensure you can continue appreciating the best quality espressos teas. To appropriately clean your TASSIMO espresso machine we suggest the accompanying:

Descaling is the broadest cleaning cycle your TASSIMO offers.

To descale, take two authority TASSIMO by BOSCH descaling tablets and disintegrate them in the water from the water tank.

Never use vinegar or acidic corrosive-based descalers on the grounds that these can hurt your machine and the flavor of your beverages.


How to clean the Tassimo coffee maker

After use, wipe your TASSIMO espresso machine clean with a delicate fabric. Try to eliminate spilled espresso or tea and remember to clean the standardized identification peruser in the top of the machine.

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How to clean the Tassimo coffee maker

Start the cleaning pattern of your TASSIMO machine at any rate once consistently to flush the espresso machine altogether. Unplug your machine, eliminate all separable pieces of your machine and wash and flush them. Likewise perfect the outside and top of your machine with a delicate material. To begin the cleaning cycle, you just need the Service Disk and water. Betray and adhere to the directions:

How to clean the Tassimo coffee maker
  • Fill the water tank of your TASSIMO espresso machine until the most extreme imprint and take out the yellow Service Disk (the cleaning circle) from the base or side of your TASSIMO machine.
  • Open the head and spot the Service Disk inside and close it. The standardized identification on the Service Disk will tell your TASSIMO it’s the ideal opportunity for the cleaning cycle.
  • Spot a holder under the espresso outlet and press start. The cleaning interaction will currently start. Stand by 2-3 minutes and permit the machine to clean all alone.
  • At the point when the status light lights for all time, the TASSIMO cleaning measure is done. Spill out the water that came from your TASSIMO espresso machine and spot the Cleaning Disk back in its holder.
  • The TASSIMO cleaning cycle is currently finished. Fill your water tank once more. Presently your TASSIMO is prepared to make scrumptious brews once more!


You need to descale your TASSIMO machine around 4 times each year, contingent upon how regularly you use it. The descaling cycle is the most broad cleaning pattern of TASSIMO. It will eliminate limescale and calcium stores. Descaling your machine will keep it in top condition, so you can keep on making your number one top notch drinks. Your TASSIMO espresso machine will tell you when it needs to descale by enlightening a red descale marker light (shower symbol or ‘calc’). Watch the TASSIMO descaling video to discover how to begin the descaling cycle.

How to clean the Tassimo coffee maker

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